The Power of Curiosity

  • How can I help my students become more independent and confident inquirers?
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This workshop focuses on fostering a culture of questioning and independent learning in K-5 classrooms with multilingual learners. Participants explore the role of questioning in promoting critical thinking and student agency. Through interactive discussions and practical activities, they plan for curiosity, self-directed inquiry, and ownership of learning.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the role of questioning in promoting critical thinking and agency:
    Participants will explore questioning as a fundamental aspect of inquiry-based learning, understanding how open-ended questions and inquiry-driven investigations empower students to gradually explore, analyze, and construct knowledge independently.

  • Explore strategies that foster Questioning and Agency with MLLs:
    Through collaborative discussions and hands-on activities, teachers will explore techniques for promoting deep thinking, questioning, active listening, and agency dialogue among multilingual learners (MLLs). This is key in creating a classroom environment where curiosity and diverse perspectives are valued.

  • Plan for learning using strategies that support Agency and Questioning:
    Educators will learn practical strategies and instructional approaches to support students in taking ownership of their learning journey, including scaffolding techniques, goal setting, and self-reflection. They will leave the workshop with actionable ideas and resources to cultivate a culture of questioning and agency in their classrooms.