The Power of Curiosity

  • How can I develop habitats for curiosity and deep thinking?
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This workshop delves into the transformative potential of curiosity as a driving force in inquiry-based learning. Participants explore how curiosity ignites learners' engagement, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Drawing from diverse contexts and experiences, teachers will engage in discussions, activities, and inquiry that illuminate the role of curiosity in fostering a dynamic learning environment where questions fuel exploration and discovery.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how curiosity serves as a catalyst for inquiry:
    Participants will explore how curiosity is deeply linked to meaningful learning, motivating students to explore topics deeply, ask meaningful questions, and seek understanding beyond surface-level comprehension.

  • Develop strategies to cultivate curiosity in multilingual learners:
    Through collaborative discussions and hands-on activities, teachers will explore effective pedagogical approaches and instructional techniques to spark and sustain curiosity among multilingual students, fostering a sense of wonder and inquiry in the classroom.

  • Design inquiry-based learning experiences that leverage curiosity:
    Teachers will learn to design and implement inquiry-driven lesson plans and projects that harness the power of curiosity to engage students actively in the learning process. They will leave equipped with practical strategies and adaptable frameworks to integrate curiosity-driven inquiry into their teaching practice across diverse educational settings.